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Volume II: Sycorax

Red Kitty is excited to announce Volume II: Sycorax

From Baba Yaga to Hocus Pocus; from Sycorax to the Salem Witch Trials; we want to hear your take on magic, powerful women, & the craft.

What We’re Looking For: Short fiction, poetry, incantations, essays, opinion, humor, alchemical recipes, illustration, photography, & elemental magic.

For more information and submissions guidelines visit: or email us at

Deadline for submissions: January 1st, 2014.

Hey Austin Zinesters & Zine Lovers!
Come out to the Austin Zine Fest this Saturday, 11/2 at MASS Gallery. 12-5.
We’re going to be tabling there, along with these fine folks:

Mark P Hensel
Vice Versa Press
Crummy House
Rough House Comics 
Raw Paw
Paper Party
Farewell Books
Everyone is Awesome Forever
Heroine Zine
Erin KerrStainken
Richy Vegas Comics
Volthair for Voltaire
Peach Fuzz
Raspa Magazine
Jonny Negron

Seriously, don’t miss out. Can’t wait to see you there!



RIP. Had no idea what I was hearing most first listens to his songs. Still have much to digest. Felt like a dude that would always be there.

his music changed my life. at one point in high school, between bootlegs & greatest hits & live albums, I had forty different Lou Reed records. as I see it the important artists are the ones who are true to their visions. seek out Lou’s worst albums, the ones everybody hates: the ones people blame on labels, producers, drugs. hear in them a guy who chased his muse wherever the hell it was headed and bedecked it with garlands every time he had it cornered. we won’t get more Lou Reeds, but please God send us some more Lou Reeds. 

call for blog submissions!

Red Kitty is looking for blog contributors! Specifically: personal essays, longreads, short & longer fiction, book & music reviews, poetry, opinion, audio projects, video art, illustration, photography, etc. We’re also looking for column ideas - if you have one, pitch it to us at
For submissions guidelines for the blog, visit our website at - we aren’t reading for print at the moment but blog submissions are officially open! We can’t wait to hear from you.

And don’t forget to pick up a copy of our handmade first issue, out October 31st. Featuring poets and artists from all over everywhere - and they’re oh so lovely. You don’t want to miss it.


Embroidered Sating Dress Circa 1810 (Detail),

From the Les Arts Decoratif in Paris, Via Plays With Needles.

It’s a Red Kitty/Graveyard Orbit party!

willow, woodcuts by brian nash gill

karen m o’leary, handcut paper maps: london

Enzo Dinolfo // more at